Pilot tests

The initial selection of a lubricant is made based on data provided by the end-user and includes more than 20 parameters that influence the choice of one or another product. However, for each individual machine, there are different factors that can complicate operation. Interaction with other operating equipment, peculiarities of pipeline piping, multiple blowouts from the fields, formation water, worn-out inlet separation, length of the oil system - these and other characteristics impose additional requirements on the properties of the lubricant. It is possible to identify such features only in practice.

If hidden influencing factors are suspected in the lubricant selection process or if the end-user wishes, we offer pilot tests (PT) which are carried out under the supervision of end-user technical personnel, with continuous laboratory monitoring of the lubricant to detect any deviation in the behavior of the oil in the system and to correct the operating process.

Conducting an PT:

Collection of initial information (according to the QL) and oil selection
Development and signing of the test program
Delivery of oil to the test site
Preparation of equipment for PT according to test program and launching tests
Oil condition monitoring according to the established schedule of laboratory analysis
Completion of PT and report documentation forming


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