Services and technical support

CPTEC provides its partners with a wide range of services for the application of lubricants for modern high-tech industrial equipment. In full accordance with the high standards of the company we provide all our customers with the necessary technical support. This service is available to specialists using compressors, turbines, gearboxes and other industrial lubricants, as well as users of heat transfer liquids.
CPTEC is committed to choose exactly right lubricant for the right application, as a mistake at this stage can lead to huge material and reputational losses for all parties.

Expert Lubricants Selection

CPTEC offers OEMs a wide range of lubricants, streamlined logistics and customer-specific product branding. Oil can be packaged in any material, color, shape and size.

Supply under OEM brands

CPTEC offers a service of laboratory analysis of oil. To ensure the independence of results we use third-party laboratories services in EU, USA and Canada. As part of tests or to solve technical problems, we perform tests free of charge for our customers.

Oil laboratory analysis and results evaluation

We are confident that our products outperform many competitors in both performance and service life. Especially for those who don't take our word for it, we offer pilot tests of our and our competitors' products.
Depending on specific needs of the customer we can develop completely new product, which would meet all specific requirements. The minimum obligatory order volume after development is only 5 tons.

Development of new products

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