Expert Lubricants Selection

Gas and refrigeration compressor oils, high-tech industrial lubricants and heat transfer oils all require an expert check of proper selection and application in each case.

The standard procedure begins with checking that the oil meets the requirements and specifications of the manufacturer. First of all, we pay attention to the specifications that establish the requirements for certain properties or composition of oils. More general standards, such as DIN, are often not considered, as not all lubricant manufacturers declare compliance with such standards.

Next stage is evaluating of lubricant operating conditions. These are mainly temperature conditions and viscosity requirements. Each type of equipment has its own characteristics, as well as the requirements of different equipment manufacturers differ. Our experience with oils and accumulated data allows us to accurately determine these requirements.

For gas and refrigeration compressor oils, we additionally making gas dilution calculation. We would ask for information about gas composition, temperatures and pressures on the inlet and discharge sides of the compressor.

As much detailed system information as possible will help us for a qualitative and correct selection.

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If you don't find the questionnaire you are looking for, please contact us, we may need different data for your oil selection.

Why analogue based recommendations may not be correct?

We try to avoid choosing product based on previous used product, as we do not know if previous product had been recommended correctly and if that recommendation been based on same data.

Yet if equipment is running fine and previous and new products have same properties, we may accept that conversion.

To know more about possibility of conversion from other brands to CPTEC we make tests based on modified ASTM D 7155 standard. For most popular products we already made these tests and know what we may mix.
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