New product development

The CPTEC product line has more than 50 unique products for a wide variety of applications. Sometimes, however, even this is not enough, and then we undertake the development of a completely new product to meet the specific needs of the customer. The minimum obligatory order quantity after development is only 5 tons.

With our own research and development department and the support of additives and base oil producers, we create new lubricants and quickly perform the necessary tests to put the product into batches. Approximate time for research and development of new products is 4 months.
Initial consultation
We gather initial data on what the new product must do, and assess whether production is economically and technically feasible .
Handing over samples, questionnaires, technical documentation
We obtain detailed data on the equipment and the oil used now, conduct initial laboratory tests.
Analyzing and specifications
We formulate specifications for base oil and additives for supplier's technical departments.
Development of a trial batch
Trial batch production, conduct running tests and necessary analysis.
Product delivery
When all tests are completed, the product getting commercial name and serial production begins.
Order the service
Contact us to start the process of creating a product. We will conduct an initial consultation and send you a detailed questionnaire.
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