Oil analysis

The technical capabilities of our partner laboratories, our experience in solving technical problems and evaluating results allows us to pinpoint the problem in most cases. All you need to do is to take an oil sample for analysis.

Firstly, we are determining condition of the oil according to a reject specification to see if it can continue to be operated. Tests are quite basic - we test for viscosity, acid number, purity grade and water content. Such tests can be done in most tribological laboratories locally.

Basic Package Tests

If the presence of liquid contaminants or oil diluted with gas or liquid needs to be determined, advanced testing methods such as infrared absorption spectrum evaluation and viscosity comparison of the sampled and degassed oil must be used.

Additional tests

Trending and Possible Oil Life Estimates

To understand how long an oil can last under these conditions, we do a series of tests at intervals (typically every 1,000 hours) to provide a data set from which we can determine when an oil will be out of the reject specification.
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