CPTEC Company

Our company supplies lubricants worldwide under CPTEC brand, provides best service available and expert level technical support.

We provide solutions to any problems related to the development of working fluids for compressor units - regardless composition of the pumped gas. Our arsenal includes selection of ready-made solutions for pumping and compressing propane, propane-butane mixtures, methane, associated gas, sulfurous gases and other aggressive environment. In addition, we offer oils for air and refrigeration compressors working with all types of refrigerants, as well as other specialized industrial lubricants.
Our main competence is lubricants for screw and reciprocating gas compressors. Units using our oils operate smoothly at number of well-known plants in many regions.

CPTEC products can cover almost all lubricant needs.

Besides, we have positive experience in selection and supply of lubricants for axial and centrifugal compressors, gas piston engines, gas turbines.

CPTEC oils are EU made. We have formed a supply chain in such a way to ensure a guaranteed supply to all our customers.

Due to the full interaction with the customer and the optimization of the maintenance intervals we always know when the next shipment will be needed. With contingency reserves, you don't have to wait a long time for the next shipment or arrange for emergency deliveries.
We are proud to have the world's largest engineering companies and manufacturers of equipment for the mining and processing industries on our list of partners.
Job Application
From the beginning we are building the team of professionals and environment that would be comfortable for everyone. We plan our work to have more interesting and challenging tasks. We invest in our personnel development and education and believe that only that approach makes sustainable and healthy teams.

Please send your application on hr@cptec.com
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