RL-4000 Series

The CPTEC® RL-4000 Series is a food grade poly-alpha-olefin based refrigeration compressor lubricant that has been formulated to operate over a wide temperature range. The CPTEC® RL-4000 Series has a robust anti-oxidant package that ensures excellent protection against thermal degradation and oxidation.

The CPTEC® RL-4000 Series is suitable for R-22, hydrocarbon gas, ammonia, and CO2 refrigeration applications.
  • Mineral oil compatible
  • Oxidatively stable
  • Low carry-over
  • Corrosion protection
  • Very low pour point
  • Low volatility

  • Reciprocating compressors
  • Rotary screw compressors
  • Hydrocarbon gas compressor applications

Ammonia, R-22, CO2, methane, propane, high sulfur gasses, dry ice



Expert lubricant selection needed

Specialty gas compressor lubricants work in direct contact with gas stream and may be diluted with gas or contaminated with some gaseous or liquid media. This would alter lubricant properties. For proper lubricant selection we need to perform calculations with gas dilution and contamination in mind.
Expert lubricant selection needed
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