The CPTEC Gear PAG Series is a poly alkaline based gear oil that has been formulated to provide superior wear protection and lubricity in high load conditions.
Through the use of poly alkaline base oils this high-level lubricity and wear protection can be achieved without the use of harsh EP additives. The CPTEC Gear PAG Series is safe for use in soft metal applications.
  • Excellent lubricity
  • Excellent film strength
  • Superior wear protection
  • Long fluid life
  • Ideal for soft metal applications
  • Resists thermal and oxidative breakdown
  • Clean running, resists sludge formation
  • Ideal for a wide variety of applications and environments

  • Enclosed gear
  • Bearings
  • High load application



    Expert lubricant selection needed

    Specialty gas compressor lubricants work in direct contact with gas stream and may be diluted with gas or contaminated with some gaseous or liquid media. This would alter lubricant properties. For proper lubricant selection we need to perform calculations with gas dilution and contamination in mind.
    Expert lubricant selection needed
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